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Nothing feels good when we can't work properly on our pc because it is invaded by thousands of viruses, worse happens when our cpu shows no sign of even starting up….Daily routine problems ranging from computers to mobiles make our lives motionless in a second… We then regret our lack of knowledge about these subjects….
We are here to help you at this point, we are trying to provide that every little and interesting info about these important things which will prepare you for the upcoming problems in these Fields.. Hope you will enjoy having this piece of knowledge….


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For Windows xp nd older versions-
LCD usrs mst enable cleartype option 4 sharp n clr txt.Rght clck on desktop-goto properties-appearance-effects-use the follwng method to smooth edges-select clear type

If u don't use windows inbuilt search option often(for win xp), then u cn turn off the indexing service to free up sum memory n speed up ur pc. Right click on drive&gt;goto properties&gt;uncheck the box at bottom "Allow indexing to..". Now diable the indexing service too. (NOTE- Don't do dis if u use search vry often, as it wl slow dwn searchng)

Don’t want “My Recent Documents” list in start menu? Do this- Right click start>properties>start menu tab>customize>advanced and untick the required option.

In Firefox u cn go 2 addresss bar by Ctrl+L & type site name widout "www" ".com" lyk "google"
& hit Ctrl+Enter.It will automatically add http, www, com etc.

Enable Windows7 Hidden Themes.
In Computer address bar type dis & enter
u wil c folders opn 1by1 & double click d file in theme folder

Simple way 2 make a folder with no name,rename folder & press Alt+0160 or Alt+255(from numpad) .


Got pirated windows xp?An easy way to make it genuine-Go to C:/WINDOWS/system32 and delete "LegitCheckControl.dll"


An error msg or a dialog box txt can't be selectd n hence no edit menu shows. Wat if u want 2 copy-paste a long error msg to troubleshoot ur problem?<ctrl+c>(copy) n <ctrl+v>(paste) work like magic here.Just click anywhere inside the box n use dese key combinatns 2 copy-paste ur txt whrevr u want.

U cant find a file “abcd” in a big list of ur folder.Open folder n  press keys a, b,c quickly in order n the file with dese initials wl b highlightd.

Write “.LOG” in the starting of Text file and save it Now your text document will be like a diary i.e. whenever you will open your file Current Time and Date will be appended in the file i.e. current time and date of opening will automatically come and you can enter your data.