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Nothing feels good when we can't work properly on our pc because it is invaded by thousands of viruses, worse happens when our cpu shows no sign of even starting up….Daily routine problems ranging from computers to mobiles make our lives motionless in a second… We then regret our lack of knowledge about these subjects….
We are here to help you at this point, we are trying to provide that every little and interesting info about these important things which will prepare you for the upcoming problems in these Fields.. Hope you will enjoy having this piece of knowledge….


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Types of Hacking and Hacking as a Carrer....

Hacking is of three types:-

black hat hacking

A black hat is the villain or bad guy, especially in a western movie in which such a character would wear a blackhat in contrast to the hero's white hat.Black hat is used to describe a hacker (or, if you prefer, cracker) who breaks into a computer system or network with malicious intent.the black hat hacker takes advantage of the break-in, perhaps destroying files or stealing data for some future purpose.They are the ones that hack illegally the brake in to some one elsis pc and well you know the rest.The black hat hacker takes advantage of the break-in, perhaps destroying files or stealing data for some future purpose.
The phrase is often used figuratively, especially in computing slang, where it refers to a computer security hacker that breaks into networks or computers, or creates computer viruses.

grey hat hacking

A grey hat, in the hacking community, refers to a skilled hacker whose activities fall somewhere between white and black hat hackers on a variety of spectrums. It may relate to whether they sometimes arguably act illegally, though in good will, or to how they disclose vulnerabilities. They usually do not hack for personal gain or have malicious intentions, but may be prepared to technically commit crimes during the course of their technological exploits in order to achieve better security.

White hat hacking

White hat(computer security), a computer hacker intending to improve security
White hat (film), a hero character. A white hat hacker are like the jedi i cyberspace they track down black hats and get rid of them. nothing a white hat does is illegal. also a White hat can be hired to test out the security and if there are any bugs they fix them or they can be hired to protect a ceratin server. so do you see black bad white good.

Hacking as a career

Individuals, government and companies are nowadays highly dependent on the Internet. However, most of them still remain unaware of the various risks of cyber crime and fraud. With a growth in computer users and networks, the scale and sophistication of cyber crimes has increased as well - hence creating a high demand for Ethical Hackers. The job of an Ethical Hacker is to get into the minds of computer criminals, think like them and come up with innovative methods to protect network , computers and data. Companies hire ethical hackers to find out any vulnerability that might exist in their network and to find out how to fix them, so that these companies can secure their valuable online data.

The demand for Cyber Security experts is booming across the world. Especially after the recent attacks, Chinese cyber attacks on different countries and bomb blasts in various parts of the world, people have woken up to realize the importance of cyber security experts. And hence choosin hacking as career has become a good option.
Ethical Hacking has already become one of the hottest career opportunities available. Nowadays, all organizations including banks, Internet companies, airlines, hotels, telecom companies, police departments, ITES companies, retail chains, government agency and other companies need Cyber Security experts to protect themselves.

The demand for cyber security experts is rising at a tremendously high rate in the world over. According to a recent NASSCOM report on IS(Information Security) Manpower Demand Estimation- "As per IDC, the worldwide demand for IS Services was approximately $8 billion in 2001, estimated was about $23.6 billion by 2006.Correspondingly, there is a growing demand for IS professionals which is expected to be very good in the years of 2012 and so on. 

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