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Nothing feels good when we can't work properly on our pc because it is invaded by thousands of viruses, worse happens when our cpu shows no sign of even starting up….Daily routine problems ranging from computers to mobiles make our lives motionless in a second… We then regret our lack of knowledge about these subjects….
We are here to help you at this point, we are trying to provide that every little and interesting info about these important things which will prepare you for the upcoming problems in these Fields.. Hope you will enjoy having this piece of knowledge….


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How to make a Pendrive Bootble / Installing an Operating System ( Windows / Linux ) from Pendrive

What Does Booting Means / Booting Process / How a Pc Starts or Operating System loads

1. For installing Windows or Linux using Software if you hav iso image .
  1. Download the iso of your operating system .
  2. Now download the software Universal Usb Installer.. Click Here .

3. Click on I agree ,then select your Distribution .
4. Browse to path where your iso is present .
5. Select your Usb drive and click create and it will create a bootable pendrive and boot using Pendrive and install your OS .

2 Installing Windows from pendrive if you have Setup files and not iso or you can extract the iso .

1.Now go to the Windows setup files and go to boot folder and copy bootsect.exe to your c:
2.Now copy the whole operating system instalation files on your pendrive .(Your pendrive must be Fat32 formatted)
3.Now go to run , type cmd
4.Now type cd .. and cd.. untill you reach C :/
5 Exexute command bootsect.exe /nt60 I:
6.Where I is the path of your pendrive .
7. Now boot through pendrive and install OS .
8.The syslinux tool will create a hidden system file named bootmgr on the Flash and make the drive bootable

3. Installing or running Live Linux from pendrive if you have Setup files and not iso or you can extract the iso .

1.You need to download syslinuxnew.exe from here .
2. Copy the syslinux.exe in to your C:/
3. Extract the iso and place the files in pendrive . ( Formatted in Fat32)
4. Now if any folder with name isolinux exists then rename it to syslinux and in that folder there will be a file isolinux.cfg rename it to syslinux.cfg
5. Now go to run , type cmd and enter
6. Go to your C:/ using " cd .. " command
7. Now run this command without quotes " syslinuxnew.exe -ma I:/ "  ( here I:/ is the drive letter of your pendrive )
8. Now you can restart and boot via your pendrive .
9.The syslinux tool will create a hidden system file named ldlinux.sys on the Flash and make the drive bootable

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