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Ever Imagined How the Gun works in Duck Hunt to shoot a Duck.. as, if you open the Gun it looks empty from inside

Many Video Games like Play station 1 etc , uses a gun to play a game like duck hunt etc . Ever imagined how the gun works and duck dies .

Actually , gun barrel contains a photo diode (or  photo transistor) . which is able to sense light coming from the TV screen. Gun also have a trigger switch. The output of the photo diode and switch are fed to the computer (play station ) controlling the game.

Simultaneously,  computer is receiving signals from the screen driver electronics. As you know in a Television ,the horizontal retrace & vertical retrace signals are used to align the picture on the screen. The screen driver electronics send pulses to the computer at the start of the horizontal and vertical retrace signals, by this the computer knows where on the screen the electron beam is located during each frame.

The gaming device normally uses one of two different techniques to find out whether the gun is pointed at the target when the user pulls the trigger or not .

    The computer blanks the screen &  paints just the target object white. If the photo diode senses darkness after one vertical retrace signal and then light after the next, the computer assumes that the gun is pointed at the target and scores a hit.

    The computer blanks the screen and then paints the entire screen white. It takes time for the electron beam to trace the entire screen while painting it white. On comparing the signal coming from the photo diode with the horizontal and vertical retrace signals, the computer detects where the electron beam is on the screen when the photo diode first senses its light. The computer counts the number of microseconds that pass between the time the horizontal and vertical retrace signals start and the time the photo diode first senses light. The number of microseconds tells the computer exactly where on the screen the gun is pointing. If the calculated position and the position of the target match, the computer scores a hit.

Source : http://www.howstuffworks.com/question273.htm

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