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Nothing feels good when we can't work properly on our pc because it is invaded by thousands of viruses, worse happens when our cpu shows no sign of even starting up….Daily routine problems ranging from computers to mobiles make our lives motionless in a second… We then regret our lack of knowledge about these subjects….
We are here to help you at this point, we are trying to provide that every little and interesting info about these important things which will prepare you for the upcoming problems in these Fields.. Hope you will enjoy having this piece of knowledge….


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Best Ways to Hide any Data without any software

1.Using Folder attributes
Copy all of your data in a folder.
Now go to cmd by typing cmd.exe in run box and use the command ...

"attrib +S +H d:/folder "

It will hide the data and make it system also .
But if other person has enabled viewing of Hidden and system files from folder options then he/she can view your folder .

To remove these attributes you can use
"attrib -S -H d:/folder"

2. You can create a folder with no name and no icon .
To do this rename a folder and press Alt+0160(fron numpad) , it will create a folder without any name .
Now go to propeties of that folder and click on Customize tab and click change icon and you will see a box full of icons slide it to right you will see few blank spaces ... select any one of them and ok and apply .

You will get a folder without any name and icon .
and you can change its attrib also as told in 1 .

3.This is the best way using Disk Management .

Go to run... type diskmgmt.msc .

First of all create a new partion by shrinking any drive (Know how to shrink and create new partion ) and now put  your data which you wanna hide into that partition.
Now in disk management right click on the partition box in which  that data  is present ,
and click on Change Drive letter or path , after that select the drive letter and click on remove and ok .
Ignore any Warning and be careful not to do this with C drive .

You will see that ,that partition has become invisible in  My computer ..

To enable it back you can go back to diskmgmt.msc and select that partion and Change Drive letter or path  and add a drive letter ... you will see a partion in my computer with that drive letter and data .

4 .Hide your data behind an image ....( Stenography )

5. Specify Permissions of a Data/Folder/Drive for a particular user in Windows 7  



  1. I have a problem.My folder options have an option to change viewing of hidden files but not system files? How do i see that folder which i have made system ?

  2. Which Windows you are using ?

    and please check again .... it will be like that

    Hide Protected Operating System Files(Recommended)

    Untick that box .....

  3. I m using windows xp, I have this option- Hide protected OS files, but it has become a circle instead of check box so i cant untick it..

  4. it just unselects this option, but its still a circle, so i cant change it by clicking on it, only changing it through registry helps

  5. And on restarting my computer it again stes the dword to 0. Please help

  6. Just follow these steps-
    1-Open run and type "regsvr32 /i browseui.dll"
    A pop up window will confirm the process
    2- Now again open run and type "regsvr32 /i shell32.dll"
    Again a pop up window will confirm the process.
    3-Refresh your comp n check if now the check box has come back, if not then restart your comp.

  7. Here's a permanent solution to this problem, I hope it works-

    1-Open regedit from run
    2-Goto the foll. key-
    3-Find the value "type" in the right window, double click it n change it to checkbox instaed of radio.

    I guess it will work :)

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